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Your Club Membership can be registered and paid online here by Credit Card, Debit Card (such as Visa/Debit).

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Available Membership Plans


1.By returning the completed form I agree to my child in my care, taking part in the activities in the club.

2.I confirm that to the best of my knowledge my child does not suffer from any medical condition other than those listed above.

3.I consent to my child travelling by any form of public transport, minibus or motor vehicle driven by a club coach or any other parent attending, to any event in which the club is participating.

4.I understand that the club or club organisers accept no responsibility for loss, damage or injury caused by or during attendance at any of the club’s organised activities except where such loss, damage or injury can be shown to have resulted directly from negligence of the club or the club representatives.

5.I consent to my child’s name and photo being used on the club website for Hockey purpose only.