Club vacancies

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Hockey ID Coordinator

  • Setup Hockey ID in the Club.
  • Hockey ID is the adapted format of hockey for players with an intellectual disability.
  • Target Players currently range in age from 5 – 22.
  • Create initiatives in the Club to be more inclusive.
  • Liaise with the Hockey Ireland ID programme
  • Define the rules
  • Create a fun environment
  • Implement the Hockey Ireland standards

Pitch bookings administrator.

  • Liaise with the Community centre on time slot allocation (Start of season)
  • Liaise with coaches on age groups and timeslots (Start of season)
  • Be the main contact person for the Community Centre on the pitch openings and slot allocation
  • Ensure the access to the pitch for all age groups at the agreed times
  • Liaise with Community Centre on days where pitch is not accessible, frozen pitches, adverse weather conditions etc.
  • Complete and manage the training times spreadsheet and share with the members
  • Publish weekend pitch schedule every thursday

Match secretary

  • Review the Saturday pitch schedule and schedule the Home matches according to the allocated slots for the ladies on Saturday.
  • Update the Home game times for the fixtures on the Leinster Administration site.
  • Liaise with the Men’s section to agree on the pitch allocation.
  • Agree the Away matches with the opponents.
  • Review if we can move resources (Umpiring, Coaching) to the Away matches.
  • Start of season agreement of the annual fixture list.
  • Schedule the matches on ClubZap on a weekly bases, this can be coordinated with the Captains and Managers of the team.


  • Identify and contact potential organisations or people that will make donations.
  • Use the online channels to raise funds.
  • Organise events and campaigns to raise funds.
  • Keep a record of donations and potential donors to maintain stability.
  • Review previous events and implement learning in future events.

Club administrator

  • Prepare the annual Club membership fees with ClubZap and schedule annual publishment.
  • Monitor ClubZap membership registration.
  • Reconcile membership registration with Hockey Ireland registration.
  • Communicate with the members on payment dates using the Team liaisons.
  • Prepare the annual Club membership fees with Hockey Ireland, this is prepared by Hockey Ireland
  • Monitor registered members on GameDay – Hockey Ireland
  • Reconcile membership registration with ClubZap registration.
  • Communicate with the members on payment dates using the Team liaisons.

Website administrator

  • Maintain the website up to date and available.
  • Maintain the Club documentation up to date and liaise with the relevant owners
  • Use WordPress to enable improvements to the website.
  • Maintain a link to the Social Medias used in the Club.
  • Annual refresh of fixture detail.
  • Regular refresh of pictures if required.
  • Arrange payment of the relevant website services