Men Super 7 Hockey League


Chris’s PatriotsDerek’s Cowboys05/12/202013:00
Brian’s ChiefsShane’s Bucaneers05/12/202014:00
John’s PanthersChris’s Patriots12/12/202013:00
Derek’s CowboysBrian’s Chiefs12/12/202014:00
Shane’s BucaneersJohn’s Panthers19/12/202013:00
Chris’s PatriotsBrian’s Chiefs19/12/202014:00
John’s PanthersDerek’s CowboysTba13:00
Shane’s BucaneersChris’s PatriotsTba14:00
Brian’s ChiefsJohn’s PanthersTba13:00
Derek’s CowboysShane’s BucaneersTba14:00


Chris’s Patriots
Derek’s Cowboys
Brian’s Chiefs
Shane’s Bucaneers
John’s Panthers


Chris’s PatriotsDerek’s Cowboys  
Brian’s ChiefsShane’s Bucaneers  
John’s PanthersChris’s Patriots  
Derek’s CowboysBrian’s Chiefs  
Shane’s BucaneersJohn’s Panthers  
Chris’s PatriotsBrian’s Chiefs  
John’s PanthersDerek’s Cowboys  
Shane’s BucaneersChris’s Patriots  
Brian’s ChiefsJohn’s Panthers  
Derek’s CowboysShane’s Bucaneers  


Chris’s PatriotsDerek’s CowboysBrian’s ChiefsJohn’s PanthersShane’s Bucaneers
Chris NevilleDerek LedwidgeBrian McMahonJohn SkehanShane Healy
Ossian ElmigerRonan GannonDylan EustaceMukhtar AhmedAndrew Darroch
Davy Graham Sean GrahamRory McKeonStephen RoganCharl Best
Dan SheehanRory GovanCameron Shoebridge Neil KiddAdam Agnew
Anthony CarrollRiley ShoebridgeDave EustaceIan ButtimerAlly McMahon
Stephen HylandStephen NevilleAaron SheehanTom MulveyEoghan O Dea
Dylan FarrellColm ButtimerSenan O RiordanAaron McGeehanDaniel Read
 Eoin ConwayLloyd FeltonGreg TreacyLuke McKinleyThomas McCormack


  • Matches are played as part of the training sessions on Saturday
  • Max. 7 aside per team
  • 1st player in list is the Captain and makes sure the teams adhere to strict Covid guidelines
  • Home team will have tip-off and play on the Educate together school side of the pitch
  • Away team plays in white or bibs
  • 25 minutes a half,
  • Ball must be released after 4 seconds.
  • No short corners as we know them instead it will be a 4 V 2 from outside circle.
  • Winners straight into final, 2nd Vs 3rd Semi final, 4th Vs 5th for Wooden spoon.
  • Goal difference will apply to decide placing if team finishes level.
  • 2 Games will be played each Saturday 1pm and 2pm starts. Captain has full responsibility for his team.
  • We use 2/3 of the pitch, yellow lines for circle
  • No hanging around after the match
  • Teams for the 2nd match should warm up in the car park
  • Minimize the celebrations of goals or wins
  • Keep the Goalies separate, away from the team as much as possible
  • Umpire keep 2M distance at all time and should be separate from the teams