Club Documentation

Child welfare and Protection

Portrane HC accepts that organisations, which include young people among its members, are vulnerable to the occurrence of child abuse and neglect. If you have any queries or want to discuss an urgent matter please contact Caroline Kavanagh our Child Protection Officer at 086 193 0088

Club Statements

  1. Constitution

  2. Child welfare and protection

  3. Creating a child friendly environment

  4. Membership Terms & Conditions

  5. Recruitment and selection



  1. Safeguarding Guidance for Children and young people in Sport

  2. Coach Education Policy

  3. Policy for Overnight and Away Trips

  4. Child Protection Communication Policy

  5. Garda Vetting Policy

  6. Supervision Policy

  7. Role of Relevant Persons Policy

  8. Confidentiality policy

  9. Equity policy

  10. Selection Policy

  11. Transport & Travel

  12. Bullying Policy

  13. Complaints, Appeals & Disciplinary Policy

  14. Recruitment and Selection Policy


Code of Conduct

  1. Parent Guardian

  2. Sportsleader

  3. Committee

  4. Young People

  5. Players

  6. Portrane Hockey Club trips away

Clubs Strategic Plan

3-5 years growth plan

Club Vacancies

Link to Club Vacancies page

GDPR Statement

Portrane Hockey Club will provide transparency in relation to the data collection, handling or keeping of personal Data on our members, coaches, volunteers and any other person associated with the Club.

Please refer to the Club’s GDPR Policy